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Hiring a house maid service to handle basic chores on a weekly basis is a step in the right direction for a beautiful home. These services will ensure your home stays fresh and picked up most of the time, but you will still have the responsibility of deep cleaning, laundry, and other specialized cleaning duties throughout your home.

You have to ask yourself whether basic cleaning services are all you need, or if you need specialized services as well. For instance, how often do you need to rummage through baskets of clothing for your favorite clothing items because you didn’t get the laundry put away? How often do you find yourself cleaning up before the maid comes because you do not want her to see how dirty your house got since her last service?

If you do not have time to do the laundry and deep clean the bathrooms as often as you know you should, you may need more than basic maid services. You may need a more elaborate contract with your cleaning service to cover the specialized cleaning duties you cannot fit into your schedule.

Another option is to have your cleaning service in your home more than one day a week. A reputable service will customize a schedule that includes all of the services you need covered each week and each month. The more frequent your maid, the cleaner your home will be and the less work you will have to complete personally.

If you find that you really just do not have time for laundry, or you are a person who just abhors laundry all together, you may also want to look into laundry service as well. Most services offer very convenient drop off and pick up. You can also request little extras such as pressing and starching for that extra sharp look. Laundry does not have to be a hassle, at least not for you let someone else deal with it.

You do not want to pay for more cleaning services than you actually need. If you find that your home stays pleasant and clean with the level of services you currently receive, then there is no need for a change. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the house between visits from your cleaning service, then it may be time to request a contract beyond the basic house cleaning services currently offered.

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